CISOs Must Embrace the DevOps Philosophy

Chad Berndtson

Over the past decade, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has evolved to keep pace with today’s dynamic threat and regulatory environment. In a new paper, Palo Alto Networks and Korn Ferry examine five things CISOs will need to focus on as their roles shift to accommodate executive responsibilities and more is expected of their teams in the coming years. An excerpt is below.

Embrace the DevOps Philosophy 

DevOps is a movement to reduce the technical inefficiencies between IT, developers and security teams. It is about automating the deployment, maintenance and security tasks these teams have traditionally done manually and separately.

What DevOps means for CISOs and security teams is that cybersecurity is starting to be prioritized at the outset of any IT-related project. CISOs who embrace the DevOps concept and prioritize DevOps roles on their teams will be better aligned to the rest of their organizations in the coming years.

What CISOs can do today:

  • Forge strong relationships with these teams and become more involved in their development processes.
  • In meetings and conversations, focus on risk guidance and why security is so important to every application deployment.
  • Define and share security requirements in such a way that they become a natural part of the development process.

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