The Best Ideas In Security, Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Last year, we introduced the Application Framework, our vision for making security innovations faster to receive and easier to consume for customers. In fewer than 12 months, the response from the developer community has been overwhelming, telling us that the market is ready for a new approach to cybersecurity.

We think the era of spending time testing, integrating and trying to operate disconnected security tools is over. The same goes for throwing money at point products that don’t easily work with the ones you already have.

Today, at Ignite ’18, we will be previewing apps from more than 30 developer partners, tackling everything from security operations to IoT. These apps will join a community, debuting later this year, from which customers can pick and choose new offerings to bolster their security posture.


  • Your organization will be able to find and rapidly deploy a suite of apps to address your specific security needs as easily as clicking through an app store.
  • Your organization will be able to make your current security infrastructure smarter with every new app added.
  • Developers will speed time to market by building apps for the Application Framework, making their value available to customers in months instead of years.


Ready to join us? Learn more about the Application Framework and check out all our current developer partners:



2 Reader Comments

  1. I see multiple solutions like Phantom, Swimlane, Demisto, etc that provide “action playbook” that are mechanistic workflows and courses of action but I don’t see any solutions for “cognitive playbooks” that support sense-making validation and decision-making for which “action playbook” should respond to the threat/risk and the “cognitive playbooks” for feedback validation based on evidence.

  2. So very interesting! I would like to be at this event, but o I am from Brazil, I hope have opportunity to be on PaloAlto event in my country. The idea to have the hands on lab it is really amazing. Congrats for all team!

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