Tech Docs: Get Started with Traps 5.0 and the New Traps Management Service

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We recently announced Traps 5.0 cloud-delivered advanced endpoint protection and there is already quite the buzz!


The Traps 5.0 and Traps management service releases include the following key features:

  • Cloud-delivered service—The Traps management service streamlines the deployment of your endpoint security infrastructure, thus eliminating the need to build, manage, and maintain management servers.
  • Integration with the Logging Service—Centralizes Traps log collection for event management, threat hunting, and incident response.
  • Streamlined user interface—Easy-to-use dashboards to help surface critical information, events, and workflows.
  • Traps OS support extended to Linux servers—Enables customers to protect critical data center and public cloud workloads.
  • Proactive scanning—On-demand or automated scanning to identify dormant malware before it attempts to run.

If you are ready to get started, look no further than the following Traps documentation resources:

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