Threats Have Modernized. Has Your Endpoint Security?

Eila Shargh

Category: Endpoint

Signature-based approaches to endpoint security were sufficient when targeted malware and malware variants occurred in small numbers. But today, exploits successfully evade signature-based defenses as they typically target vulnerabilities and deliver sophisticated malware. Most endpoint security technology is now outdated.

These evasive threats require advanced protection. IDC, in a recent Technology Spotlight sponsored by Palo Alto Networks, “The Patient Zero Problem and the Need for Modern Endpoint Protection,” has outlined an approach for modern-day endpoint security.

Rules for Modern Endpoint Security:

  • Signature-less approach – Endpoint security products that utilize a signature-less approach are more capable of preventing targeted malware and malware variants, zero-day threats and non-malware tactics.
  • Continuous protection – Advanced endpoint solutions should continuously provide protection to identify new and evasive threats.
  • Endpoint agent functionality – As endpoints continue to become more mobile and remote, endpoint security solutions should be able to provide protection regardless of connectivity to the network and with minimal performance degradation.
  • Solve the enterprise use case – Advanced endpoint solutions should offer a multilayered approach in a single offering while alleviating cumbersome configuration, updates and management issues typically caused by numerous point products.
  • Standards compliant – Endpoint security solutions should meet compliance regulations and standards today as well as more stringent future requirements. Customers should consider the long-term ability of an organization to meet these future needs.

These rules outline necessary capabilities and features for a modern endpoint security solution capable of preventing today’s sophisticated threats. For a more comprehensive look at IDC’s Rules for Modern Endpoint Security, read the IDC Technology Spotlight.

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