Cybersecurity: More Threats, But Also More Opportunities

Scott Ciccone

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In a recent conversation with Linda Moss, VP of Global Enablement and Education at Palo Alto Networks, I was shocked to learn just how significant of a cybersecurity workforce shortage there is in this industry. Our conversation included both the volume of threats seen in the modern threat landscape and the growing number of opportunities this landscape is creating for students and IT professionals to either begin or transition into a lucrative career in cybersecurity.

With the cybersecurity industry expected to grow from $75 billion to $170 billion in the next five years, or so, the need for trained professionals is skyrocketing. In my opinion, Linda has one of the most exciting jobs in our company, but also one of the largest responsibilities, as her team develops a curriculum that will enable a next-generation cybersecurity workforce. Some experts predict that, by 2019, the demand for cybersecurity professionals will increase to approximately 6 million globally. What is even more surprising is that the shortage of trained professionals is projected to be 25 percent – or 1.5 million jobs unfilled.

I was happy to capture our conversation in a short video that I’d like to share with you. Here, Linda and I discuss several key areas of education, including the overall skills shortage, types of training available, the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification, and the Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) accreditation. In addition, Linda has some great insight regarding the importance of working with colleges and universities to ensure future generations get the necessary skills to prevent successful cyberattacks through the Palo Alto Networks Academy program.

Because cybersecurity is firmly at the top of the international agenda, there’s never been a better time to consider a career in the industry!

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7 Reader Comments

  1. 200K to 1.5MM shortfall of cyber professionals over the next few years – the PCNSE is one of the most valuable certifications available today.

  2. It’s is great news that “Linda Moss, VP of Global Enablement and Education at Palo Alto Networks” say’s as next few year there is good opportunities on cyber professionals… In additional with the PCNSE & ACE is one of the most valuable certifications available today.

  3. Great takeaway that digital security is a responsibility that we all need to share in. Not only technicians but also business managers and professionals have a vested interest in ramping up their training, awareness and practices.

  4. From point of the sales, there are generalists and there are specialists. If you are a seller , you need to transform yourself to be specialist. This is the reason why i am getting this training

  5. Quite Interesting to know about the bright opportunities that are up for grab for talented Security Engineers!!
    Hope to bag one soon.

  6. Awesome and best way to explain and make things available for cyber community out there …PALO ALTO ACADEMY ..ROCKS 🙂

  7. Training must be on going. I was good at cyber security 10 years ago and today I am lost, as are most educational institutions. It must be up to industry to keep up with the problem.
    To produce truly ready and effective cyber security work force — training need to start no later than sixth grade!

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