Palo Alto Networks Named 2015 Best Enterprise Security Solution Product by Cyber Defense Magazine

Chad Berndtson

Category: Cybersecurity

Cyber Defense Magazine has named the Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform as Best Enterprise Security Solution Product for 2015.


The representatives from the magazine stopped by the Palo Alto Networks booth, #N4120, at RSA 2015 to deliver the award.

Cyber Defense Magazine recognizes companies for their unique and compelling value proposition for their product and service.  The natively integrated Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform brings network, cloud and endpoint security into a common architecture, with complete visibility and control, ensuring organizations can detect and prevent attacks. This next-generation enterprise platform streamlines day-to-day operations and boosts security efficacy, and the one-of-a-kind, multi-layered defense model prevents threats at each stage of the attack kill chain. For more information on our award-winning Enterprise Security Platform, click here.


4 Reader Comments

  1. Another award! Another indication that the solution is really the best!


  2. PAN continue to grow!

  3. Our clients are very impressed with PAN solutions.

  4. Great leadership, solid product, innovative routes to market – very important work.

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