Monitor Your Palo Alto Networks Firewall Using SNMP

Charissa Fleischer

All Palo Alto Networks firewalls support standard networking SNMP management information base (MIB) modules as well as proprietary Enterprise MIB modules. You can configure an SNMP manager to get statistics from the firewall. For example, you could configure your SNMP manager to monitor the interfaces, active sessions, concurrent sessions, session utilization percentage, temperature, and/or system uptime on the firewall.

To set up SNMP Monitoring, see the PAN-OS Administrator’s Guide for 6.1.

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  1. We have a managed network from an ISP, and they provide a combination of PA3020 and PA200 firewalls for us.
    We would like to monitor these, but the ISP claim that giving us read only SNMP access would give us the ability to see to much privileged information such as their management host IPs, etc.
    Is there anything we can put in place that allows us to monitor certain statistics (i.e. throughput, IDS events, IPSec Tunnlel status & Throughput, etc.) without compromising the ISP security?

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