Coping With An Inner Dialog

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Nir Zuk


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At one point or another, everyone, including me, will say something that they did not mean to say, or say something that is taken the wrong way. The saying goes, open mouth, insert foot. Others may say I have difficulty coping with an inner dialog.

Case in point. At the Gartner IT Summit in Washington DC, I made a gross generalization about some of the product testing organizations and I included NSS Labs in my comments. In hindsight, I should have been more cautious with my words because some are indeed more reputable than others.

I would like to formally retract the statements I made about NSS Labs and extend a formal apology. After learning more about their services offerings, I now realize that NSS Labs is a well-known, independent security and testing lab that performs comprehensive security validation using real-world traffic and usage conditions. My statements are untrue and I feel that the nature of their testing is indeed unbiased and invaluable to both us and our customers.  My company, Palo Alto Networks, is working with NSS Labs and we have found them to be completely transparent and honest.  NSS Labs has helped us to better tune our IPS functionality. We have full confidence in NSS Labs and will continue to work with them as a primary source for independent IPS testing.



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  1. Avatar

    when will be available the NSS compliant of PaloAlto Networks NG FW(IPS)? and the other certifieds as EAL, ICSA Labs, etc?

  2. Matt

    Thanks for your interest. As you may know, these types of tests are significant resource investments. I am pleased to tell you that NSS for IPS, ICSA for FW, EAL and FIPS testing/certifications are all in process. Check with your local sales rep for added details.

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