Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid.

Matt Keil

Category: Firewall

ANALYSIS – A great article in CIO magazine that highlights nine consumer technologies that CIOs should be scared of (VoIP clients, web-based productivity tools, digital cameras, remote online storage, smart-phones, and social networking, IM, consumer email, Portable storage). With six out of nine technologies being applications, the article highlights the fact that CIOs are aware that these applications are (or may be) on their networks and that their presence places the company network at risk, be it a compliance, data loss, business continuity or operational perspective.

Interestingly, all of the application technologies listed are capable of bypassing most traditional detection mechanisms because they either hop ports, use encryption or tunnel HTTP. This fact, coupled with the fact that more and more young people who are accustomed to using these applications whenever they wish are entering the work force and should give CIO reasons to be scared.

Click here to view the CIO magazine article.

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