A Deal With the Devil?

Matt Keil

Category: Firewall
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ANALYSIS – This article is downright humorous. Here we have two networking companies, each with security products or at a minimum, security features, who have indirectly endorsed the same application category (P2P) that has been the source of some of the largest data leakage incidents in recent times. Granted, the software was not the direct cause of the leaks, the user had some involvement. And yes, some of the P2P applications are now being used for legitimate commercial purposes, but doesn’t the mere fact that these companies endorse the technology put into question their stance on them from a security perspective? And can a router really tell the difference between a legitimate use and a non-legitimate use? Doubtful. Just imagine the debate between the business development team working the deal and the security team. In the end, money rules.

Click here to view the P2P Blog article.

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