Meebo Adds File Sharing Service

Matt Keil

Category: Firewall

ALERT – Meebo, the web-based instant messaging service, has now added a file transfer feature that allows users to share files with IM contacts regardless of which IM network they are on. Utilizing Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service), Meebo provides a 2-step file transfer process. When users upload a file with Meebo it is sent to Amazon’s S3, Meebo then sends a link to the file back to the receiver. The receiver has 4 hours to download it before the file expires. Initially, Meebo has limited the file transfer to 10MB per file with a cap of 30MB per month. However, those restrictions may change as Meebo gains user feedback.

Meebo is the latest example of how easy it is to share files with others without having to download client software to do it. Enterprises should maintain visibility and control over web applications in order to mitigate risks and enforce appropriate Internet usage policies.

Click here to view the TechCrunch article on Meebo file sharing.

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